Ford F-150 service near Scranton

Engine oilChange every 30,000 miles
Oil filterChange every 30,000 miles
Fuel filterChange every 150,000 miles
Air FilterReplace very 30,000 miles
CoolantInspect at 100,000 miles
Brake FluidInspect every 30,000 miles

When it comes to pickup trucks, the Ford F-150 is synonymous with hard work and uncompromising power. Our area has certainly diversified since its days as an iron and steel town, but plenty of our residents still put in a long day's work producing everything from car parts and HVAC components to specialty products for the Armed Forces. From towing and hauling to tackling tough terrain, Scranton area drivers depend on the Ford F-150 to get the job done. Whether you're heading to the job site or away for the weekend, this is the truck you can count on for bringing along the tools you need and the toys you love.

Ford F-150 tiresHauling with the Ford F-150Ford F-150 engine

To ensure that your F-150 keeps on delivering the power you depend on, the best thing you can do is stay on top of Ford's suggested maintenance schedule. Routine maintenance at our Scranton area Ford service center, from oil changes to brake inspections, helps to prolong the life of your truck and its many moving parts. Services like tire rotations and wheel alignments are particularly important when you spend so much time bouncing over our area's notorious potholes. Keeping up with routine maintenance helps to prevent the need for major repairs, helping you to keep your pickup working harder longer!

We aim to make routine maintenance quick, easy, and convenient at Gibbons Ford. For more information, don't hesitate to contact us online or to call our team directly at (570) 489-4747 today!

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