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Ford A/Z Plan

Aunts, Uncles, Nieces and Nephews

Ford Motor Company is pleased to announce its Aunts, Uncles, Nieces and Nephews program, which will enhance A/Z Plan eligibility under the A/Z Plan Pin Program. From July 6, 2017 through January 2, 2018, employees and retirees can generate A/Z PINs for these now eligible family members.

Program Details

  • A/Z-Plan family eligibility will be expanded to include aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews only.
  • Valid for the purchase or lease of all eligible A/Z plan vehicles.
  • There are no changes to base A/Z PIN program.
  • D-Plan is not eligible for this program.
  • PINs need to be generated prior to January 2, 2018; however, the PIN will be active up to 12 months from the date the PIN was issued.
  • Aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews will only be able to receive and utilize AZ plan PIN discount until January 2, 2018. Hurry in and take advantage of this!