Ford Mustang Active Performance Exhaust Audio

Audio technology is an important feature in any vehicle. The speakers need to be properly aligned in order to maximize the listening enjoyment of its passengers. In the Ford Mustang, designers took a further step with the audio. They enhanced the sound of the performance's cars exhaust system.

At a touch of a center console switch, the sound from this performance component sounds like thunder. Adjustments to the controls change the sound or soften it. The Active Performance Exhaust Audio can even be turned off if the driver requires quiet while traveling.

While this seems intriguing, the only way to feel and hear this feature is to checkout a Ford Mustang in person. Thus, you should stop at your local dealer so they can offer a sample of the Active Performance Exhaust Audio. Then, you might want to take a test drive to observe the Mustang's performance beyond the sound technology.


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