Technology Really Enhances the Design of the Ford Fusion Energi

There are many reasons to consider buying a hybrid plug-in vehicle. With the Ford Fusion Energi being one of the most popular on the market today, you will want to experience the new technology that has been included with this model. Never before has an electric car been as accessible as it is today.

With the included Ford Co-Pilot360 technology, your Ford Fusion comes with quite a few features that make driving it even safer. You will love the lane-keep system that comes standard on the new model. If you start to drift away from your lane, you will be instantly alerted. This is particularly helpful when driving in heavy traffic.

The rear-view camera is another piece of technology that you will appreciate as the driver. It will enable you to have a much cleaner line of sight as you are going in reverse. It will also help you with parking. Check out these features by visiting Gibbons Ford and enjoying a test drive of the Ford Fusion Energi.


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