Tips on Headlight Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement

For safety reasons, it is important to keep your vehicle's headlights in good working order. This means checking the bulbs, cleaning the lenses, and inspecting for cracks or chips. Headlights can become accidentally damaged under normal driving conditions.

You may still be able to drive your car with the damaged headlight, but you will want to have it replaced as soon as possible. If your car’s headlight lenses are becoming cloudy, a normal car wash will not clear them. There are special solutions that restore the clarity and make your headlights shine bright again. The process is a stripping and buffing that gentle brings back the shine.

There are many choices in replacement bulbs today. You can purchase halogens, LED, or HID. Each style of bulb has a unique brightness, lifespan, and value. Contact our service technicians in our service center at Gibbons Ford conveniently located in Dickson City if you need help selecting a replacement bulb, fixture, or to discuss getting your headlights cleaned.

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