Coming Soon: Ford Bronco and Ford Ranger

Gibbons Ford is proud to announce two new models that are making a re-appearance in 2019-2020! These new Ford trucks are oldies but goodies, and have been optimized and modernized to satisfy Ford truck drivers.

The Ford Bronco and Ford Ranger have been deeply missed since they were discontinued back in the mid-90's (for the Bronco) and 2011 (for the Ranger), so Ford has decided to bring them back--and better than ever.

Re-Introducing the Ford Bronco - Coming 2020

The last Ford Bronco model was made in 1996, and since this day, that bucking bronco logo has been deeply missed. Though the model details for this vehicle are still unclear, motorists seem to be pretty excited about its return. It is currently still in production in Australia, and will be sent over to the US in 2019 and available to customers by 2020.

The Ford Ranger: Coming 2019

As for the Ford Ranger, which has been MIA since 2011, this truck is a mid-size vehicle, with a big heart. A feature that would definitely satisfy Dickson City Ford truck owners, is that the Ford Ranger will embody a larger crew cab than the well-know Ford F-150! The proven 2.3L EcoBoost® engine with Auto Start-Stop technology is designed to optimize power and efficiency using turbocharging and direct gasoline injection. It's also paired with the innovative, class-exclusive 10-speed automatic transmission.

For more information regarding these two resurrected Ford models, contact us at (888) 550-3720! We are always available to answer questions you might have regarding any of our Ford vehicles.